Keycaps Material


-Rougher texture
-More durable
-Doesnt become more shiny with use
-Most of the times deeper sound
-More expensive


-Smoother texture
-Most of the times thinner
-More color variety
-Straighter and more consistent keycaps
-Becomes more shiny with use
-More popular

Keycaps Profiles

-CHERRY (the most popluar one in custom keyboards hobby and the best for typing)
OEM (the most popluar one on stock keyboards )
SA (The hihgest and „Thockiest” one)
MDA (Same shape as SA but lower)
DSA (Same shape as XDA but lower)

ANSI vs ISO Layout

Ansi and Iso are the two most popular keyboard layout. The main difference between them is the „Return”/”Enter” key


Before buying new keycaps set check if your keyboard doesnt have interferrence with the keycaps that you are buying. If your pcb is south facing you cant use cherry profile keycaps, but if your pcb switch facing is north you can use any keycap profile.